Volunteer with us!

Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us at Bonsai Trust to further develop yourself and also benefit the community.

Bonsai Trust will ensure

  • To provide adequte information and training so you can meet the expectations as described in your volunteer role description.
  • To allow a 6 week trial period
  • To explain what is required of you and to support and provide encouragement to help you acheive your desired results
  • To assign you with a name supervisor who will provide you with regular support and supervision meetings and act as a ‘go-to- person.
  • To treat you with respect and courtesy at all times
  • To be receptive to any comments and feedback from volunteers.
  • To value and recognise our volunteers to be a significant resource in achieving the goals for our charity


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jazakAllaahu khayr for volunteering with us. We will get in touch soon inshaAllaah.