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Bonsai Trust is a Parenting focused organisation which provide solutions to work with Parents and tackle youth based issues.

Our aim to cultivate a commitment in youth to living in Britain faithfully and confidently whilst striving for the highest level of paradise.

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About Us

Find out who Bonsai Trust are and what we are about

Parenting Workshops

Interactive workshops for parents! You will keep coming back for more.

Parenting Club

We have a club just for Parents! More info coming soon.

Unrivaled Quality

Our programmes are tailored specifically for parents and supervised by Imam’s and scholars.

Parenting Programmes

Our programmes are tailored specifically for parents.

Parenting Blog

Check our blog for updates and advice for parents.

Helping parents to help their youth. Bonsai Trust Youth programme includes:


Tailored for Parents


Hours of Teambuilding and Physical activities


Workshops for parents per year

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